I made a snake clone


Today I procrastinated and build a snake clone with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

You can play it here

All together the game has ~200 lines of code. Everything runs in the browser, no fancy server needed. I used the CSS flexbox for many things and wrote my own little "library" for the grid layout.

I am thinking about adding some stones or something in the way to make the game harder. Other options would be some powerups that increase how many points you gain or make the snake faster/slower/shorter. An other idea would be to make this a multiplayer game with the goal to enclose the other player.

Also I am thinking about making more games based on the grid library.

Spontaneous ideas are:

  • tetris
  • whac-a-mole
  • 2048

I don't know what the future might bring. Have fun playing.